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EYP RS Aarau Speech on 27 March 2021

Welcome to Aarau

Seven years after moving to Switzerland I obtained Swiss citizenship,  

this allowed me to be able among other liberties to participate in the political process

that meant that I was not only to be able to vote but also to get voted.

Seeing the possibilities

I took a conscious choice, joined a political party and since then I have been active on in local politics.

I was a Candidate of the local parliament of which helped me

to meet and interact with people and to know their worries, problems, hopes and expectations.

After the elections,

I came to learn that elections are not enough.

In a true democracy,

what matters is what our

legistrators do between elections that matters

which policies they make and most importantly

which effects do they have on our daily lives.

We all know that policies made today, have an effect in the future that’s where the young generation need to get involved

we need young people participation in our politics and in the governance process

I reckon that Youth participation in governance processes has gradually increased over the years.

However, the percentage of young people who are actively involved or included in the administration is still very low.

We need the participation of young people in policy making

This requires youth participation before, during and after election processes;

It requires young people to speak out

It requires young people to be bold and confront the issues facing them

It requires young people to break away from traditions

It requires young people to start rewriting history

It requires Young people to continue to push for additional spaces for their inclusion and voices.

We have to invent a new way of communicating and doing politics.

words like socialisim liberalism and solidarity are words which describe the world of yesterday and not the world of tomorrow

A modern world is a world of manifold and so must our democracy be.

young people constitute the bulk of the population,

and designing the future or direction of our countries should be done with the active participation and inclusion of young people at all levels.

Young people with the right mindset and experience are in abundance.

If that demographic is tapped and better utilized for the best interest of our countries,

the better our countries will be.

It is my belief that we are marching towards our goal at the same time we are still very far from it.

Therefore I urge you today to combine the right political philosophy,

the right political thinking,

and the incredible information at our disposal

we have an incredible opportunity to actually remake politics,

remake government,

remake public services,

and achieve A lot to improve our living standards.

So go and write to your elected leaders

Call them

Write emails and

lastly be politically alive

Thank you


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